Draft Dates
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Listed below are the ACH draft dates as well as the last date to cancel to be out of that draft.  The listed Last Day to Cancel is the
absolute last day!  The cancellation notice, any and all forms, must be received by our close of staffed business hours for the
days listed below!  If you miss the last day to cancel date, you
will be in that draft and will be out of the next draft.

There is a window of time that is required to:
    (1) get in new members
    (2) remove cancelled members
    (3) upload the file in advance of the actual draft date

We have made the window as small as we possibly can for the benefit of our members.

The easiest way to remember when your last draft will be is that what ever month you give your thirty (30) day notice to cancel, that will be
the last month you will be in the draft.

The Membership Agreement you sign states a thirty (30) day written notice to cancel.  We feel we more than comply with our policy.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding!
membership will expire the month after you give your thirty (30) day notice to cancel.

Federal Reserve holidays may shift the actual draft date to the next business day.  Please note that under no circumstance will the draft execute early!