Community Outreach -
In November 2009, we held a food drive for the Good Samaritan
Network.  We offered a discounted sign-up fee if 5 cans of food are
donated to our food drive.  The Seventh Day Adventist Church was
VERY kind to offer a VERY large donation of food to our food drive!  We
give a VERY sincere "thank you"!
160 pounds of food from food
drive for Sacred Heart Food
Donation Requests:

Thank you for thinking of Gymies Fitness Center regarding your upcoming event/fundraiser/sponsorship.

There are so many real needs and so many worthwhile opportunities to help. Every year we support, as much as we can, the local community but there are
significantly more requests than we can possibly help with. There are simply limits to what we can do.

The following are some guidelines to help you understand our policies and giving guidelines:

  1. We require 4-6 weeks MINIMUM lead time to review requests; our committee that reviews requests only meets a few times a year. There may be further
    delays due to the seasonality of our business.  Sorry but we cannot “rush” and will not consider requests with shorter response times.
  2. ALL requests must be submitted on our “Donation Request” form in addition to any collateral support you may wish to include in your request. The
    donation request form may be found on our website. Form or standardized letters alone will not be considered.
  3. We primarily support local organizations and give high preference to local youth/school organizations as well as 501c3 organizations.
  4. We DO NOT give to second party fundraisers – if your group is holding a fundraiser for “United Way” for example, we generally cannot support those
    activities financially as we will support the benefiting organization directly.
  5. We try to practice rotational giving so if we cannot help you this year because of limited availability we may be able to in the future if you qualify.
  6. There are many events and organizations that duplicate services and overlap and if we have already helped a very similar event/team, we may not be
    able to help your event/team this year.
  7. Since we have so many requests, we generally give smaller more frequent support such as auction items and small sponsorships rather than give a very
    limited number of larger gifts to fewer organizations.
  8. We offer gift certificates to qualified organizations.
  9. Preference is given to established Gymies Fitness Center members.