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5 Common Fitness Saboteurs
and How to Defeat Them
6 Ways to Fine-Tune Your
Lifestyle for Weight Maintenance
Active Seniors Enjoy Life More
America Needs an Attitude
Battling Boredom
Before You Start an Exercise
Calorie Burners-Activities That
Turn Up the Heat
Can Exercise Reduce Your Risk
of Catching a Cold
Circuit Training Basics
Couch Potatoes Arise
Diet Myths Debunked
Don't Be a Sore Loser - Dealing
with Muscle Soreness
Don't Deprive Yourself of the
Rewards of Exercise
Don't Skip Breakfast to Cut
Eat Right at Work
Eat Well to Stay Motivated and
Energize Your Life with Strength
Exercise and Arthritis
Exercise and Asthma
Exercise and Cellulite
Exercise and Fibromyalgia
Exercise and Hypertension
Exercise and Menopause
Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes
Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes
Exercise Can Help Control Stress
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Exercising With Heart Disease
Fitness for Older Adults - FAQ
Flexible Benefits
Free Weights vs
Strength-Training Equipment
Healthy Resolutions for the
Whole Year
Helping Your Family Become
More Active
High-Intensity Interval Training
How to Prevent and Treat ACL
How Women Build Muscle
If You Don't Use It Will You Lose
I Need More Energy
Jumping Rope Not Just for Kids
Kids in Motion
Making Time for Exercise Is Easy
Plyometrics-Controlled Impact
Maximum Power
Protecting Your Back At Work
Putting on the Pounds
Reaching Your Goals the
Reduce Your Risk for
Osteoporosis Now
Resistance Tubing Workout
Save Money Get Fit with Small
Group Personal Training
So You Want to Spot
Reduce-Here's How
Steering Clear of Strength
Strengthen Your Abdominals
with Stability Balls
Strength Training 101
Successful Weight Control
The Best Time to Exercise
The Right Exercise Program for
You Starts Here
Three Things Every Exercise
Program Should Have
Warm Upto Work Out
Weight Loss - Diet vs Exercise
Weight Loss Plateaus and Pitfalls
Work Out Chronic Fatigue
Fit Facts from ACE (American Council on Exercise)
Equipment Instruction Videos
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Assisted Chin & Dip Machine
Ball AB Crunch
Bench Press
Horizontal Leg Press
Pec Fly Machine
Precor AB Bench
Precor Adaptive Motion
Precor Ellipitical
Precor Stretch Trainer
Prone Leg Curl
Precor Recumbent Cycle
Seated AB Crunch Machine
Seated Calf Machine
Seated Leg Curl Machine
Seated Leg Press Machine
Seated Low Pulley Row
Seated Vertical Row Machine
Bicycle Crunch
Lat Pulldown Machine
Smith Machine
Precor Treadmill
V-Crunch Machine
Tricep Pressdown
Upright Stationary Cycle
Vertical Chest Press Machine