Keyfob Terms
Keyfob:  Management reserves the right to regulate use of the keyfob.  Management will issue to each member, upon payment, a keyfob with a unique embedded
number in it.  The keyfob is for that
very specific member's use only!  Under NO conditions is a keyfob to be used by any person, or member, other than the
specific individual the keyfob was issued to!  Management reserves the right to
immediately charge primary member a penalty fee of $50 to $100 if the keyfob is
knowingly or unknowingly, to access the facility by any person other than the very specific member who the keyfob was issued to by management.  In other
words, if your keyfob is used to access the facility by
any person other than yourself, member or not, you will be immediately charged a penalty fee and face
possible membership termination and possible criminal prosecution.

Keyfob (RFID) Fee:   Cost recovery fee for keyfob (RFID).  This fee may change based on our cost to acquire, inventory, issue, and replenish keyfobs (RFID).  
ONE (1) keyfob (RFID) per member, each member MUST have their own keyfob (RFID).  Under NO conditions is keyfob (RFID) to be shared, even with a
current member!  Each and every member must have their own keyfob (RFID) issued by Gymies Health & Fitness Club, Inc./Gymies Fitness Center.  To
to share a keyfob (RFID) is stealing/theft and may result in immediate termination of membership with
NO reimbursement and/or possible criminal prosecution as
well as recovery of damages and/or costs and any attorney's fees.

Replacement of Keyfob (RFID) Fee:   Lost/misplaced/destroyed/inoperable keyfob (RFID) must be done during staffed hours.  Photo identification must be
brought in at the time as well as the cost of replacement keyfob (RFID) paid at the time of issuing replacement keyfob (RFID).
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