Military & Public Safety
To show our appreciation for our fellow Americans who are:

  • Active duty military
  • Reserve duty military
  • Wounded Veteran


  • Full time police officer
  • Reserve police officer


  • Full time fire fighter
  • Volunteer fire fighter

We offer a special rate!  To qualify, you
MUST show photo ID from qualifying department!  Rates for these
memberships are
not published and may be seen in person at the facility after showing photo ID from
qualifying department.

Verification may be pursued to verify a member's qualification for the special membership.  Please note that
discharged and/or retired individuals do not qualify.  Written request for an exception may be submitted, but the
decision is made at the
sole discretion of management on a case by case basis.  Qualifications are subject to
change without notice.  Granting purchase/right to purchase special membership may be refused to
person/individual/member at the
sole discretion of management.